A community megafono

About is a place to share any announcement to the community. It's just like a public pinboard!


> Why?

I thought that I should give some utility to this domain, so I came up with this idea.

It may serve as a place to share and read anything that people find important enough to announce it.

> Feeds

You can get the latest announcements by using the following feeds:

> Announcement types

There are two types of announcements:

  • Free
    • - No cost
    • - Anonymous
    • - 200 character limit
    • - 24 hours
    • - Plain text
    • - Bottom section
    • - Max. 25 shown
  • Paid
    • - 0.002XMR for 12h
    • - Authors and verified authors
    • - 450 character limit
    • - As long as you pay
    • - Markdown support
    • - Better visibility
    • - No limit on displayed posts

> Author verification

Verified authors are shown in green with a verified mark on their name on paid posts.

Verified posts are useful to avoid impersonators and can help gaining trust from readers.

Verification codes are linked to an author name. Procedure for getting such verification codes will be described in the future. As per now, you can contact me and ask.

> About site

As usual in my other projects, this site makes no use of Javascript. Also, no trackers of any kind are used. My only way to know this site is useful is by usage and private messages or tips.

The project is not yet open source. I am thinking on how to do it, because there is the payments part that might be sensible and I am willing to improve the codebase before. This project will be open source.

I am using Go for the backend, the frontend is written with Go Templates (html) and Tailwind CSS for styling.

> Contribute

I self host and maintain some open-source projects that may interest you:

  • *Awesome Privacy - List of privacy-respecting software alternatives.
  • *Web Whisper - Transcribe any audio to text with surprising precision.
  • *Feetter - Manage your Nitter feeds.
  • * - Some public instances of open source software (i.e. Nitter, Libreddit, etc.).
  • * - List of non-kyc service to use your cryptocurrency freely.

You can contribute when posting by choosing the "paid" post.

If you would like to further contribute you can send any tips to the Monero address below. Thank you!


Any improvement ideas are very welcome!

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